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Welcome, everyone, to the home of the Bearers of Light.  The Bearers of Light is founded by members of the alliance who find strength in one another through friendship, through questing, adventuring, and fighting the enemies of this world and beyond.

The members of The Bearers of Light work to bring light to each corner of civilization, be it in game or in the real world. Each member must decide how they will do this. Foremost and required, are kindness, compassion, and caring for each other and others outside the guild. Through this, we can make the world(s) around us a better place.

Within this foundation we will strive to uphold these beliefs as we grow and to be an example to those around us. Treating each individual, family or not, as an equal.

The Bearers of Light is a level 25 social, medium roleplaying, casual raid, Alliance guild from the Moon Guard server.  If you're looking for a friendly atmosphere to play with those who enjoy the game, feel free to look us up!

Prospective Member Corner


In order to become a member of our family we ask that you first read our charter, rules and the guild hall tab (for role players) carefully. Be sure the charter is something you truly feel you wish to uphold to its fullest, as it, as well as the rules, are enforced. We also seek mature players with a sense of humor. We don't recommend our guild for children or minors. RP plots are often detailed, extensive, and sometimes violent, WoW is, after all, a game of violence (even when done in the name of good).

If, after reading the pertinent information, you are interested in joining us, then please answer the questions posed in the application form which can be accessed at the top of this page. This application will not only tell us a bit about you, but will allow us to unlock the entire site for you.  Please also be sure to answer the questions fully in detail (although, this does not necessarily mean you have to write a book. A sentence will do in most cases). (Eg) In response to the question: "How did you hear about our guild?", don’t just answer "my brother, my friend, this guy, or I saw one of your members in.." Please be specific.

The last five questions marked RP are optional, but should be answered if you are interested in getting involved in the guild role play. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THEM IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO (but it would be helpful for us to get to know your character better).

Once received, it will be reviewed and you will receive a response within one to two days, at which point an interview may be set up (out of character for all, and an in game interview for role players so we can get to know your character better). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Guild Leader Zelyna, Recruitment Officer Eddwinna, Aríél, Honoressa, Zal, or Eodred via an in game tell.

August 1, 2013
Zelly has discovered Brawling!
Say it isn't so! Our fearless benevolent and peace loving leader has found the joys of being in the Brawler's Guild? Yes! Not only are the battles a challenge, it's so much fun to root on the other combatants.

Where am I going with this?

Expect a new event on the near horizon, one which was proposed by Gaerm. The Bearers Brawling and Betting night. We will see how it goes, but I'm looking at making this either a monthly or a weekly event.

Also coming soon, Guild Raidfinder night. Because our fearless raid leader Boz is on hiatus for an unknown time, Raid finder is the way to go to have us all learn the fights and up our gear so at some point we will be more than ready to clear the instances on our own.

One final event I have in the back of my mind: Project Runway: Transmog Edition. Put together your most creative set of gear and flaunt it on the runway.

More details soon on all upcoming events at the next guild meeting. Hope to see you all there!


Upcoming Events
Here are some events coming up for the Bearers of Light.  For more information on these events, please visit check your in game calendar.  For non-member visitors, do not hesitate to contact Zelyna or any of the officers who are awake at the time.

Guild Meeting: Second Friday of the month at 6:00 or 7:00 ST (Depending on Raiding).

Evening of Giving:  Last Friday of the Month. 7:00 ST

Hordeside Sundays: Silverhand Server. Hellfire's Angels guild. Contact any online Hellfire's member for an invite to the guild. OOC chat is mamaskitchen. For more information, Contact PinkiePie, Zelyna, Bozdin or Praeus.

Raids: Our raid schedule is on hiatus at the moment, but check with peeps in game cause many run looking for raid weekly!

Pet Battles: We have a monthly Pet Battle nights for those of you who love Pokewow.
Tavern nights too!

Please check the Calender for exact dates and times, as the above may change, or there may be additional events as well.


     Zal, Kyleah,
     Natasia, Aleynria,
     Eodred, Eddwinna,

In memory of Praeus, forever in our hearts.

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Shout Out!
Eodred Horsestrider
We should get a group together to grind our Tanaan reps! I want flying as soon as it's available.
Ok...things are corrected. Now you have the controls.
Eodred and Winna, you have the controls! Go for it!
Eodred Horsestrider
Great meeting tonight! Good turnout with good ideas!
Eodred Horsestrider
I love seeing the rp in guild chat! You guys are good at it. I'm going to have to practice.

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